Writing and Bad Posture.

After all that yammering about my posture, it certainly looks poor in Russel’s latest “We’re Working”:

It’s a challenge to keep your body aligned and your core strengthened when you’re sitting at the desk all day slumped over a notebook and computer.  Still, that’s no excuse.  I really must get back to Pilates. (Hi, Alexandro! Ti adoro! Kisses!)

I am listening (on my headphones in “We’re Working,” but also on my headphones in life) to The Pains of Being Pure At Heart.  They’re going on tour.  It’s easy to listen to the album over and over and over so that it becomes like silence and a person can write to it.  When I saw their show in Brooklyn last month and my exuberant companion stalked them afterwards at the bar, their lead singer told us, “I was fired from my marketing job in November, but my music has really taken off, so I think I might do this for a while.”  I love people who are fired from their marketing jobs.  

This post is too long.  That is a bad sign.

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