Essay in Town & Country Travel.

The Winter 2008 issue of Town & Country Travel has my account of 10 days in Patagonia.  It does not have my account of drinking Famous Grouse over chunks of glacial ice just pulled from the lake, which alone is worth the long and complicated trip to the end of the world.  I left that part out because at some point my editor told me, “Katherine. We need to go a little lighter on the drinking.”

5 thoughts on “Essay in Town & Country Travel.

  1. Just read your article. Great read. I thought the drinking bits were the best part. Shame you pulled the bit about the Grouse. I mean, what would any decent travel writer do with all that ice? 🙂

  2. Or a series, much like Lonely Planet: Drunk Trekking.

    Drunk Trekking Patagonia, Drunk Trekking Pakistan, Drunk Trekking Tibet. Drunk Trekking Seattle, Aspen, Santa Monica Canyon, etc etc etc.

  3. Brilliant. The books could be printed in large type and phrased in drink-speak so you could only read them while you were drunk. Of course, then it’s a small hop into other mediums: reality tv shows (“Drunk Survivor”), GPS navigators that tell you what you should be drinking given your coordinates, t-shirts (“I saw Paris drunk…I think”), and so on. 🙂

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