Search Engine Terms.

The most popular search engine phrases used to find this blog/thing*, apart from the obvious “Katherine Taylor,” are variations on “facebook makes me feel bad”  or “facebook makes me uncomfortable” or “why is facebook like high school?” etc etc etc.

Thank you, wordpress stats page, for confirming I am not the only one mildly unnerved by facebook.

*thanks to Zack Woolfe for coining the useful term blog/thing.

2 thoughts on “Search Engine Terms.

  1. I signed up for Facebook because people kept telling me they couldn’t find my page.

    One look at MySpace and I said NO. Twitter is even worse, if you can imagine that. No doubt more of these things are coming.

    And they’re all useless. Totally useless. Unless hanging out somewhere going “Squee, squee, squee!” has purpose and benefit I’ve somehow failed to grasp.

    Some people argue that the Squee Sites provide you an opportunity to network and sell books. I find that laughable: do you plop down twenty bucks on a book you’ve never heard of by an author you’ve never heard of because she’s a friend of a friend of a friend in Squeeville?

  2. There is something deeply insidious about Facebook, how it worms in and releases all the dark insecurities left over from unresolved adolescent slights and social tragedies. From the very basic “accept” or “ignore” to a “friend request” — is there anything uglier than “ignore”? Anything more frightful than requesting someone be your friend?

    Dreadful. Makes me want to puke.

    I complain so much about Facebook, I don’t know why I don’t just take down my profile. Because if I take down my profile, the terrorists win. And it’s only Facebook.

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