Essay in Allure.

The September issue of Allure Magazine has my essay on posture and its implications of a person’s character.  My character, specifically.

2 thoughts on “Essay in Allure.

  1. I read your excellent essay in Allure. Can you tell me which type of Pilates exercises you used as I have a similar problem. Thanks

  2. Hi Judy. I practice what I think Pilates professionals call “True Pilates” — never straying from Joe Pilates’s original methods. (I’d always want to use that foam cylinder, for example, and Alejandro was NOT having it.) We work on the mat and the reformer and the cadillac, doing very simple exercises that have (as you read) completely transformed my body. After 4 years, I’ve finally moved on to intermediate exercises.

    I tried taking Pilates mat classes at first, but I found myself confused as to the terminology and how to do the exercises correctly. I highly recommend, especially if you’re a beginner, investing in private lessons. And make sure you find a properly qualified instructor. Alejandro was certified by Romana — her website is probably a good place to start:

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