This is a test.

This is a photo of the cabin in Harbor Springs where I wrote most of Rules.  It belongs to my friends Pete & Laura.  Hi, Pete & Laura!  People are constantly lending me rooms where I can write things.  My friend Ben lent me a room in his house so I could write this.  I am trying to see, while there are only 7 of you looking, if I can post photos. I am also trying to see how many links I can work into small observations.

6 thoughts on “This is a test.

  1. hi! I can’t believe I haven’t said hi yet — you give me way too much credit on this site!

    picture looks great 🙂 so does the non-blog…

    I wish someone would lend me multiple places to write and camp out!

  2. Nine of you! Including the celebrity Mark Sarvas! If a person is going to have a not-blog, a person really ought to have celebrity commenters.

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